META has provided consultation to all main business sectors. Each sector presents its own unique set of challenges for modern consultants specializing in public and government relations.

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The Estonian media space is undergoing some major changes resulting from steady technological evolution, changes in consumer demand and heavy cross-border competition. Legislators have gradually shifted their views on media as well, and have been updating competition-related norms, rules and standards established for the media.

In this sector, META has consulted different parties at the risk of losing their competitive edge as the rules of the game changed.

The gambling industry is an established consumer of professional public and government relations services. The controversial nature of this industry makes it especially important to be able to tell the difference between facts and emotions, and public and private interests, as well as to identify some overlapping areas. Strong resolve and social sensitivity are expected from all parties involved, as well as the ability to act constructively in situations which may be problematic and distressing as a result of activities in the industry.

META has long-term experience consulting the gambling industry in government and practical public relations.

Estonia’s accession to the EU and other international organisations has strongly impacted the industry’s regulations and the relationship between the industry, regulating bodies, policy makers and the general public.

The decision-making process in this sector is very detailed and the related competence has converged on a few key areas. To be successful in this field, it is important to know these areas.

META has several established and strategic clients in the food industry who highly value our expertise in mapping the decision-making and policy chains related to food and nutrition, as well as our ability to use balanced and evidence based argumentation in representing the interests of our clients.

Traditionally the domain of state secrets, this sector requires consultants to have a reliable and impeccable background both in the eyes of the industry as well as public sector clients.

Due to our previous experience in the defence industry and interest in industry-related topics we are now cooperating with various international defence manufacturers.

The healthcare industry is characterised by high expectations for quality of service and ethical standards, devotion and care of service providers both from the general public and clients. These are the main factors that health enterprises should consider when communicating with their clients regardless of the level of communication.

META’s client and experience portfolio includes several healthcare brands and market participants. We have consulted clients working in fields of general medical practise, occupational health and nursing care.

In Estonia, the energy sector is currently one of the key areas when we talk about government relations or strategic communication.

The management of Estonia’s energy sector is subject to many new administrative and political pressures and directions: the importance of renewable energy is increasing, the electricity market will open for all electricity consumers, and the oil industry in partnership with the public sector is trying to secure its position in a legally challenging environment. In the energy sector, where several investment intensive projects have raised questions about environmental safety, there is a strong need for systematic management of community relations. The EU’s regulatory impact on Estonia’s energy sector is becoming more and more topical. 

In terms of the client base, META is one of the leading consulting companies in the energy sector. Our clients include major Estonian energy companies, but also sub-associations in oil production, renewable energy, the electricity market and the heating industry.

In the area of professional service provision – providers include law firms, accounting companies, auditing firms and other consulting companies – the borders between what is legal and what is illegal in self-marketing and communication are changing.

This is happening as part of a broader liberation process in the society, which until recently was dominated by competition between older, even guild-like professional areas. As the borders between different service areas become increasingly blurred, old traditions are even more likely to disappear – clients are no longer interested in buying an exact service but rather seek solutions to their problems and challenges. 

META has managed and carried out several rebranding and communication projects for Baltic service enterprises including a law office, an auditing firm and a provider of healthcare services.

The 1990s have been referred to as the golden era of Estonian transit business. In these years the activities of transit enterprises and the entire sector were constantly in the public eye. Since then, the sector has undergone major changes: the impact of events related to internal, economic and geopolicy have forced local transit and logistics enterprises to reorganise their business chains. This process is currently under way and according to experts, the logistics sector will also face radical changes in this decade.

In the transit and logistics sector, META provides consultation to several clients, whose activities require an ability to foster cross-border cooperation in the field of government relations and strategic communication.

Waste management has undergone some major changes during the last decade. The transition to economic and recycling-oriented waste management was made possible by extensive regulatory changes. The impact of choices made by the public sector and decision-makers has been remarkable not only in Estonia but worldwide, resulting in the need to educate citizens and companies about the changes in the system and to better organize general communication.

In the waste management sector, META consults clients who are familiar with and active participants in strategic changes on the market.

Entrepreneurial and third sector professional associations play a central role in forming public opinion and the regulatory environment. Professional associations are the main strategic developers and bearers of general interest in their field. They are also partners with public authorities.

META has experience in consulting various professional associations that value our expertise in strategic communication and ability to build partnerships.

The pharmaceutical industry is a branch of the economy whose regulatory framework probably has the strongest impact on its development compared to other economic sectors. As public health and medicines are highly topical, and pharmaceutical policy is regarded as a “public concern”, making the right communication decisions forms an inseparable part of the strategic management of companies.

META provides consultation to pharmaceutical clients who value our area-specific expertise and experience in the field of communication.

Sport and entertainment generally attracts wide media attention. Therefore, the role of strategic communication in acquiring a competitive edge is highly valued by companies in this sector.

META provides consultation to clients in the field of sport and entertainment, who value our social sensitivity and awareness, network of contacts and experience in sponsor relationships.

There has been intensive discussion both globally and locally on the future of the financial sector. For instance, the discussion of the social responsibility of banks is increasingly raised. On the other hand, even the biggest critics of the sector are well aware of the importance of financial services as a catalyst for Estonia’s economy.

META has versatile experience in the sector, having worked with a large retail bank, fund managers, investment services as well as accounting services and auditing firms. As we frequently manage issues related to corporate, PR and government relations, we are well prepared to support clients in this sector.

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