META uses a challenge-based approach to client consultation. Efficient solutions require understanding the complexity of problems and planning, but also:

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Defining the problem

Identifying client risks and positioning these risks in a wider socio-communicative framework (the first step may be introducing changes or maintaining the status quo). We help to define the core of the solution, and whether it lies in the field of corporate, public, government or community relations.

Necessary background studies

Stakeholder mapping, opinion leader surveys, mapping political trends, social developments and media attitudes.


Developing strategic starting points

Final determination of the challenge and diagnostics. We define the most likely points of muddling through, strategic risks and benefits. If necessary, we also assist in putting the topic on the agenda (or taking it off), developing a plan and specifying the necessary measures. Necessary secondary activities. The result is a complete media and/or marketing and/or a government relations work plan.

Starting tactical activities

Developing a final understanding of suitable methods and specifying the intensity of the activities.

Tactical action plan

Practical media plan, target group and stakeholder management plan, distribution of internal and external activities.

Implementing and evaluation

Implementing the action plan

If the aim is to influence someone’s behaviour, then this is the goal you need to tackle first, and not attempt to deal with the entire spectrum of channels, such as “penetration”, share-of-voice or media coverage. During the planning phase, we establish measurable targets, and thus can be flexible in how we achieve them. In more complicated cases, we are not afraid to include additional consultants, since we are expert in managing interdisciplinary client teams. The implementation of a plan typically relies upon the company’s ability to manage practical media relations, monitor different decision processes and be seen as an acceptable partner by the decision-makers.

Monitoring and evaluation of results

Feedback mechanisms for results are established based on the nature of the project and task.

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META Communication provides clients with the latest communication solutions in marketing and brand communication, lifestyle marketing and digital and social media management. We are very efficient in finding synergies between clients operating in different sectors and implementing effective joint communication campaigns. We believe in strategic communication planning, contact marketing and do not underestimate the importance of skilful text writing.

Our experts are professionals with over 10 years of communication management experience whose expertise and contact networks enable us to be reliable partners for our clients and to deliver against set objectives.

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